All the different ways to lock your Mac computer

  • Using the keyboard: CTRL-SHIFT-eject
  • Using Alfred: execute the lock command
  • Using a taskbar icon from Keychain:
    • Open the app Keychain Access
    • Preferences –> Enable the option “Show keychain status in menu bar”
    • A lock-shaped icon will appear in the taskbar, with the option “Lock Screen”
  • Use Hot Corners:
    • System Preferences –> Desktop & Screen Saver –> Hot Corners button
    • Set one of the corners as “Put Display to Sleep”
    • Mouse into the direction of that corner (on the monitor closest to that side, for multi-monitor setups)
  • If all else fails, just hold the Power button on your keyboard for a second to put your computer to sleep
Written on April 12, 2017 by evanbrodie