Accessing Redux Store Without Redux DevTools

Thank you Dan Ambrogio for discovering this tip. Also, check out this blog post for more on the topic of Redux DevTools on production environments.

Let’s say that you want to access the Redux Store on a production environment of your React/Redux application. Normally, you would do this through the Redux DevTools. However, your app has these DevTools disabled on production. What do you do then?

As long as your browser has the React DevTools installed, there’s this awesome workaround (assuming you are using Chrome, could easily be ported to other browsers):

  • Navigate to the web page in question
  • Open up the Chrome DevTools
  • Click on the React tab
  • Click on the top-level <Provider> element/component
  • Press <ESC> to bring up a console in a split panel
  • Execute the following code: $ VOILA!
Written on August 2, 2018 by evanbrodie